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Range master and Ovens

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After cooking, always wipe down grates and burner caps with a damp sponge and dry thoroughly. Normal cleaning can be done with hot, soapy water and or Soft
Scrub cleanser (without bleach) with a blue Scotch-Brite pad. If stubborn spots still occur, then use Oven Mate Cleaner.
Procedure for oven cleaner use: Take grates and burner caps off unit – move outside and place on newspaper. Spray with Easy-Off, let cleaner sit on spotted areas for 1 – 2 hours(Tips from cleaners in Cambridge). Clean off with hot, soapy water. When cleaning grates and burner caps, make sure to thoroughly dry them, especially
underneath. If the bottom portion does not totally dry before setting them back on the cooking surface, they may rust. You can also set the grates and burner caps
on top of the burner and turn the burner on high for ten to fifteen seconds for extra drying. To prevent rusting and discoloration, do not submerge grates in water to soak for any length of time or run them through the dishwasher. If rust does occur, Bar Keeper’s Friend and a blue Scotch-Brite pad will
remove it. To condition grates and burner caps, apply a light coating of mineral oil or vegetable oil. Allow oil to soak in 15 minutes before returning grates or burner caps to cooking surface.

cleaning tips

Burner Bases

The base should be wiped regularly with hot soapy water at the end of each cooling period. DO NOT use steel wool, abrasive cloths, cleanser, or powders. To remove encrusted materials, soak the area with a hot towel to loosen the material, then use a wooden nylon spatula. DO NOT use a metal knife, spatula, or any other metal tool to scrape the aluminum base.

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