School Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning in Cambridge. Decent Cleaning provide an impeccable standard and cannot be matched for reliability. We know that maintaining the cleanliness of your commercial property is a must. Our ethos is to maintain a team that is ready and capable at all times, providing commercial building cleaning in Cambridge without delay. You can rest assured that we maintain a specialist team who are trained to all industry-specific standards, backed up by the experience needed to deliver a diverse range of commercial building cleaning to the highest of standards. Our passion drives our services and ensures that we deliver quality that is consistent, customer focused and available to all. No matter the size or scale of your property. Our highly competitive prices and you can rest assured that our commercial building cleaning is at the forefront of quality, cost and efficiency.

Our emphasis on sustainability ensures that cleaning will not affect your carbon footprintExperience, past and present includes:
  • Building Office cleaning
  • Corporate office cleaning
  • Shopping centre
  • Window cleaning
  • Hard floor washing
  • Consultancies & commercial office cleaning
Ready for a cleaning commercial Cambridge facility? Request an appointment now! Contact us on 01223 655425 to request your free proposal for your commercial needs, or complete our Client Enquiry Form. We will come out to your premises at your convenience and provide a customised personal and professional quote for your cleaning requirements.