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Carpets and Rugs cleaning tips #2

A quickie carpet cleaning alternative to shampoo using Vanish Powerfoam

Here’s how to brighten a wool carpet without shampooing it. First, vacuum the carpet. Then spray the Vanish carpet cleaner. Always first test the chemical on an inconspicuous part of the carpet. If there's no color change, spray vanish powerfoam on the area you want to clean the carpet or on stain areas, you can also use a sponge instead, wring it almost dry, and lightly run it over the carpet’s surface. You can also follow 3 steps here below recommended  by manufacture.

  1.  Shake the can well and spray from an 80cm height over the area to be treated. 
  2.  Work the foam into the carpet using a clean colourfast damp sponge-mop or cloth. vanish1
  3.  Leave for 2 hours, or until dry, and vacuum

How to stop fraying

Want to prevent carpet seams and edges from fraying?

Brush them with a liquid resin that locks the yarns in place as it dries. It’s sold at fabric and craft shops. The outermost braid of a braided rug usually wears out first. Save the rug from this fate by sewing a strip of bias binding around the edges of the rug.

Removing a discoloring spill

If a spill causes carpet discoloration, dip a clean, white towel into a solution of 1 tablespoon of liquid hand-dishwashing detergent (or 1/2 cup white vinegar) in 1/2 cup of warm water. Alternately dab the spot with the solution and then blot it with a clean, white towel. Repeat until all of the spot’s color transfers to the towel. Then cover the area with a clean, white towel until it’s dry.

Removing furniture imprints

To remove deep indentations left in your carpet by furniture, lay a damp bath towel over the depression and press lightly with an iron. When the towel area is dry, the indentation will be gone. If you must replace furniture on a freshly cleaned carpet before it has dried completely, place coasters under the legs to prevent stains and indentations.

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Carpets Cleaning Tips

Carpet cleaning is generally job for professionals, but there are many things that you can do yourself if you want to have clean carpets. Start carpet cleaning by selecting the right cleaning products and methods of work.(Tips from cleaning in Cambridge section) Check what products and methods can be used with your carpet. Some carpet cleaning products are designed to be used only with certain types of carpets and textiles. So find the right products first, and then start your carpet cleaning. There are many carpet cleaning products which most used by professional carpet cleaners. However, you may use product such as Wool-X Premium Microsplitter which is suitable for non-professional use.

Wool-X Premium Microsplitter is a detergent-free prespray for cleaning all washable natural fibres.


Below are some benefits:

  1. Detergent-free cleaning
  2. No dwell time required - works on contact
  3. Consistently good results on all washable fibre types
  4. Based on food-grade ingredients
  5. No bleaches
  6. No enzymes
  7. No surfactants
  8. No solvents
  9. Non hazardous
  10. Odour-free
  11. Can be rinsed with fresh water only
  12. Safe for children and pets

For synthetic carpets use Split-X type

Dilutes between 25 and 84:1 for maintenance cleaning, between 10 and 25:1 for restoration cleaning. Also excellent for bonnet cleaning and as a prespray when dry carpet cleaning.

These products available from most UK suppliers

Clean carpets frequently

Carpet cleaning should be part of your weekly cleaning routine. When you are cleaning your carpets frequently enough, dirt and dust won’t be firmly embedded to your carpet.

Cleaning carpet from stains

Stain removal is one of the most important parts of carpet cleaning. Remove stains as soon as they occur. When you use stain removal products to your carpet, you should spot test them first. Try the stain removal agent in a hidden part of the carpet, before you apply it to the stain. This way you can be sure that your stain removal product won´t harm your carpet.

Cleaning pets stains from carpet

If these stains are not cleaned quickly, it may allow carpet fibers to catch the pet odor. Professionals usually have methods and chemicals to deal with this kind of a situation’s.

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