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House Cleaning Tools - Essentials

Remember there's no point in doing a job if you can't do it right - and you can't do it right if you don't have the essential house cleaning tools that you need! A plumber cannot fix a leak without his tools and you cannot clean your house without the proper household cleaning tools. Buying better quality cleaning tools it’s important; they usually work better and last longer. Here are the necessary house cleaning tools to keep on hand:

Vacuum Cleaner

A good Vacuum is a number one must-have for every household. Vacuums prices are vary there are cheap and expensive ones, be sure to buy from a name you trust, a good brand! E.g. Henry, Dyson etc. If you're not sure, ask friends and family about theirs. Offer to vacuum a room in their home so that you can test it out! Or go to stores such as Dixons Retail Megastore and ask for Vacuums machine expert who can demonstrate a few Vacuums for you.


You definitely need a well-made broom for sweeping, as well as Dustpan to pick up a few dirt on floors. Use broom such as Vileda 2-in-1 which will gather dirt and dust in one sweep. The broom uses foam to collect fine dust, while the bristles collect particles and hair.

Dustpan and Brush

Use standard dust pan and brush set can deal with any kitchen situation from spilt food to broken crockery. Go with brush that has soft bristles for easy use and easy clean, sturdy plastic material will ensures longevity. dustpan1


You need a high quality mop. One that you can really push around without it snapping. Use either sponge mops, the kind with replaceable heads. Or some other people prefer cotton string mops. It’s definitely personal preference as longer as it does a good job.

Cleaning Cloths

You need plenty of Cleaning Cloths to clean effectively. You can purchase Microfibre cleaning cloths. These can be used for polishing, dusting, cleaning, wiping up, wiping down as household chores are endless, but at least they can be cheery with these different of microfibre cloths. They're practical too as it's easy to pick the right cloth for the job at a glance, and with no need for harsh chemicals.

Extendable Telescopic Duster

Extendable Dusters - some of these handy duster extends to 1.96m to allow cleaning in all harder to reach areas such as ceilings, pictures rails, skirtings, radiators, paintings etc to help you clean at home or even in the workplace.


Use a bucket to store cleaning products and to carry from room to room and of course, to mop your floors. Brushes

Toilet Brushes for each bathroom.

An old toothbrush for getting into cracks and crevices, like around the knobs on the toilet seat and behind faucets. If you don't have an old one, grab a cheap one at the one pound shop.Paintbrushes of different shapes and sizes with good stiff bristles for dusting delicate items, wicker and lamp shades. Small scrub brush for cleaning tub and tile.

Rubber Gloves

You should always wear rubber gloves when cleaning. Not just because of germs but also to save your hands from chemicals.

Cleaning Solutions

There are many different cleaning products and tools on the market, each promising to help make house cleaning easier. However, in order to keep your home clean, you must choose cleaning products that works, effective and easy. Although everybody's cleaning needs are slightly different, for instance, a home with full wall-to-wall carpeting throughout will have different needs than one with hardwood floors. The basic good cleaning supplies do most of the work in your home, and the really good ones will limit the number of cleaning products you need to purchase. Take an inventory of your cleaning supplies now. Do you have what you need? If not, write it down. Does your mop need replacing? Make a point to buy a new one. Having the proper tools to clean will help you to clean your home properly. With the right tools you'll have your house or apartment clean in no time! If you still doubt ask Decent Cleaning.

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Thursday, 12 May 2011 16:09

10 Tips For Cleaning Wood Flooring

1. Twice a week brush and sweep the floor - Using a fine brush or dust mop sweep the entire surface twice a week. Sand, grit and dirt can be hard to remove if allowed to accumulate over time. Brushing the floor at least twice a week will prevent the build up of dirt

(Tips from cleaners in Cambridge section)

supremo goldies

2. You may use a vacuum cleaner - But.... if using a vacuum cleaner to collect dust use a soft attachment otherwise you can damage the floor by leaving tiny marks and scratches.

3. Use a damp mop - Water can damage the wood so never-ever soak the floor in water as if it was laminate or stone. Use a damp mop using warm water. All wood flooring products will react well to this process even if the floor’s manufacturer is recommending further steps.

4. Add wood flooring cleaner to the mix - Once a month we recommend that you add a dedicated wood flooring solution to warm water. These solutions are specifically formulated for water resistant floors and are PH natural.

5. Think twice before using vinegar - It is true that vinegar can be used to clean wood flooring, however you should follow best practices and manufacturer recommendations if you are unsure how your precise floor will react to the vinegar.

6. Quickly clean spills, stains and foot tracks - The longer these are allowed to be left on the surface, the harder you will find it to remove them.

7. Avoid pressure stains - Heavy objects that come into contact with the floor leave these marks. The most common are TV stands, tables and chairs. You should place furniture pads or an area rug underneath each item.

8. Install floor mats - When placed at the various entrances to the room, welcome mats are fantastic for collecting dirt and sand thereby making sweeping the floor easier.

9. Consider leaving shoes at the door - Shoes can track dirt and sand onto the floor and when you walk on the floor that dirt acts like sandpaper. Of course this tip is less feasible in commercial properties.

10. Use professionals - From time to time consider using a professional cleaning service. Their level of expertise and use of dedicated cleaning procedures will achieve a more thorough result.

Article by Wood and Beyond. Wood flooring vendors based in London who offer engineered wood flooring as well as solid floors.

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